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No membership fees, just find a court nearby, grab your friends and get out there for some fresh air fun!

So easy to find and book a court now, helps me plan my leisure time better… - Rob D
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Friendly games on local courts: ready to meet your match?

For adults of all standards. Find new tennis partners and put your skills and tactics to the test!

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Improve your game with coaching

Learn tennis or go to the next level by checking in with a local venue...

Why play tennis?

Refresh mind & body

Tennis not only helps you burn calories and get stronger, it enhances neural connections in your brain.

Make new friends

Tennis is a sport for life and very social, so it’s a great way to meet people and make friends.

Enjoy some fresh air

Playing tennis outdoors increases your oxygen intake, reduces stress levels and makes you happier.

Cheaper than you think

No need for membership fees, just find and book a court at your local venue for a great value workout.

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